Unlock Your Horse's Unlimited Potential

Is your Horse's Potential limited? There is a Better Way to the Ultimate Horse-Health-Manship.

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Would you like to Unlock Your Horse’s Ultimate Potential?

Every horse has one.

From Olympic and World Cup athletes to working cattle horse to backyard trail and pleasure companion. Most are untapped.

No horse is too old or too young to tap in!

YOUR horse’s body is YOUR biggest priority.

How do you know if their potential is locked up?

Having locked up potential can look like a lot of different things:

Lameness-Inconsistent or recurring


Inconsistent Performance



Cranky-bucking, rearing, spooking

Difficult or Impossible to get “on the bit”


Unwillingness to Work-no joy or expression

Ear pinning, biting, tail wringing, teeth gnashing


YOUR body is in pain

“Something just isn’t right”

Dull coat, “sun-bleaching”

Lack of Muscle or topline

Can’t put on weight

Less than Ideal Conformation (Posture)

Very High Energy

Accident Prone

Clumsy, tripping, disconnected behind

Unpredictable Explosions

Pushy-Bully behavior

Fear, Fight, or shut down

Head Tossing, flipping, shaking

Won’t stand square on their own


Insulin and other Metabolic disorders


and on and on…

I bet you have a few more you could add to this list, and your horses may have more than one of these symptoms

 Horses have issues in one or a combination of these three areas-Physical, Nutritional and Mental

The more locked up they are, the more issues they will have, and the more it will cost you

Well, what does it cost you? And more importantly what does it cost your horses?

Thousands in vet bills? Diagnostic services, supplements that “don’t work”?

Time off of riding? Expensive Horse Shows and Events where you aren’t getting their best?

What about your emotional costs- the stress and heatbreak? Besides the energy and time spent on managing problems rather than having every ride be better than the last?

Do you even believe if that’s possible?

… MAYBE you’ve pondered completely giving up your beloved riding companion or DREAM?

Well how would you like to change all that? 

Savannah Aliy Jackson offers 15-plus years of a proven health system that she developed. It eliminates all of the above and unlocks every horse’s ultimate potential.

She works with horse owners and trainers who want the absolute best for their horses and want their horses to to feel the most enjoyment and purpose, achieving greatness with ease and joie de vivre! (joy)

She teaches folks from all over the country- and eventually all over the word- how to use, practice and make money with this system; but MOST importantly to help their horses win and be happy in their jobs. When She isn’t teaching her Apprenticeship Program, she is available to do Live Demonstation and Educational workshops, inspiring passionate HORSEMAN AND WOMEN that there IS ANOTHER WAY.

You will see How to Evaluate and Ultimately FIX and eliminate most of these reoccurring problems that drains bank accounts and keeps horses limited with untapped potential.


Sound Horses

Straight Flexible Supple Horses

Training is MUCH easier

Resistances Disappear

Each ride is Better than the last

Much more respect and connection between you and your horses

Predictably Winning Horses

Far Fewer Vet Bills-even Eliminated

Maintenance Costs Much Lower

Pain Free Horses

Horse’s bodies are connected and aligned, moving the way they were designed

Kinesthetic Grace

Freedom Joy and Ease of Movement

Radiant Shining Glowing Horses from the inside out

Safe and Predictable Mounts

Great Conformation and Posture

Reduced and Eliminated digestive issues (Colic, Founder, Laminitis, Ulcers, Insulin Resistance, etc)

More time riding and having fun with your horses rather than treating and worrying about issues



Combining Western and Eastern Practices, Musculo-theraputic Assesments, Biomechanic Asymmetries, Osteopathic -like adjustments and alignments, Nutrition and Proper Riding. This system has proven to bring horses and riders out of that cycle of breakdown and create new possibilities at any age, level of training or experience level.

Sound TOO good to be true? Come and See for Yourself. YOUR body will thank you too.













Money Well Spent


“I feel like learning Savannah’s Health System is something practical and tangible I can have and build on for as long as I am around horses. It gives me a way to support myself financially and also a way to support my horse-junkie habit. My husband is so grateful!

“Already, a big “R” judge, and manager of a major Midwest circuit of horse shows, has been to the farm, expressed an interest in two of my horses, and suggested sale prices that I would not have dreamed of prior to having learned the work…this has been instrumental in the short-term business plan of Wonderfield Farm.”       ~Nancy Curtis-Wonderfield Farm, Tampa, Florida





” To know that when I am with a horse that is in pain or discomfort there is something I can do to help is humbling and amazing. I am so grateful. ”  





Real Time Results


“She has awesome releases, a blind man could see I was getting through to her!  Lots of wrinkle nose followed by head tossing then followed by licking yawning.  I’m sure there is an amazing horse there just trying to find her body! The most profound thing that we’ve all seen is that the horse you end with is not the horse you start with…it’s astonishing, the difference between the ‘before’ and ‘after’ horse.”                     ~Jill Barnes-Schreiber-Apprentice Program Graduate,  Alaska 


“When you are using these methods, it’s not just that physical side of it…it’s just as much, if not more, studying energy and intent, working on yourself to be in the right mindset energetically to do this work.”
“To learn how to better listen to a horse, to be taught skills that help me be a better communicator with a horse is something I have wanted for a long time. This course has helped me have the ability to apply to animals and in particular horses something very rare and special.”

“Savannah… I want to thank you for what you have done for my ponies… especially Tipper (Slide N Shine Chex). He has gone on to win his 3rd saddle competing in everything from reining and cowhorse to hunt and west pleasure to barrels and poles! I remember when we first came to you, he had so much trouble keeping himself together (hip and stifles constantly out not to mention everything else that I couldn’t feel), and between your adjustments and the supplements (the dynamite freechoice mainly), it took what maybe a year of adjusting (every 2 to 3 months), and voila, he doesn’t have those problems anymore. He is a different horse both mentally and physically. These last two years he has given me his all showing his heart out for me (pain free)…. so we thank you!!!”

- Alisha Brown, Tonopah, NV

“Savannah,  Thank you so much.  Our journey to soundness has been incredible.  Luke, my 15 year old quarter horse, was totally lame and  put out to pasture due to ringbone from an old injury in his right front foot.  Now a little over a year later, Luke is in training with no sign of lameness !!  Savannah, you got us here with your knowledge of the horse and what he needs to be healthy.  Your touch technique is amazing, your advise to try barefoot trimming was right on, and seeing my need to get my core fit (yikes).  All of this has gotten Luke & I back into riding together,  it’s truly a miracle.  People who know Luke are amazed at his soundness.  I give you the credit Savannah.   Again, I thank you.”

 With much appreciation,
- Barbara Miller – Quarter horse Owner

After the First Treatment

“Boots is doing a LOT better! He rides totally differently! I’m excited to see how he rides once we get a couple more treatments. He is a different horse on the ground. I think he was just always in so much pain that he didn’t want to do anything at all. He is a lot calmer now. I can ride him out alone and he doesn’t try to kill me!                                                                                     ~ Liz- Happy Horse Owner, NV  

IMG951492 (1)


 I teach horse lovers, trainers, and owners not only how to stop, but reverse and prevent the persistent breakdowns in their beloved equines. Horses are consistently and predictably healthy, pain-free, safe, athletic, and winning beyond imagination or experience. You gain greater connection and ease of riding and training. You spend thousands less in care and maintenance. You receive better results in current training, feed and supplements, veterinary care and therapies. Your knowledge comes simply, its application quickly, and brings transformation right before your eyes. I promise astonishing progress in every area of the horse-human relationship–removing resistance, creating mutual understanding and rapport, motivation, community, and above all, FUN!

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